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About 4-H

4-H began over a century ago as an educational program for the nation’s rural youth. Today, 4-H meets the needs of and engages young people in positive youth development experiences. These experiences are based on the idea that young people should be regarded as resources to be developed. 2010 marked the state centennial of 4-H in Colorado and a renewed commitment to helping shape youth and communities. In looking to the next century, 4-H further develops its programs and continues its motto of “Making the Best Better.”

Download the Broomfield County 4-H Welcome Booklet

Download the Broomfield County 4-H Policies document

Project Areas Available in Broomfield County

  • Artistic Clothing
  • Cake Decorating
  • Heritage Arts
  • Model Rocketry
  • Scrapbooking
  • Shooting Sports – Archery
  • Cloverbuds

Join 4-H

4-H in Broomfield is just a little bit different than most other counties around the state.  We are a small program with a focus on non-animal projects.  Our county does not have a county fair to show animals at the end of the year, so our members opt for projects like Archery, Rocketry, Veterinary Science, Robotics, Heritage Arts and Visual Arts – to name just a few.  We also have an active Cloverbud (ages 5-7) program.  Interested in seeing what it is all about – join us for an upcoming meeting (Download the 2016-2017 Meeting Schedule) or email us at – we can’t wait to welcome you!

Learn more about joining us on our 4-H Enrollment page!


Colorado State University Extension in Broomfield is currently recruiting leaders for the 4-H program in Broomfield County.  If you are interested in becoming a 4-H leader please contact the Broomfield County Extension Office at 720.887.2286 or connect with us via e-mail at

To learn more about today’s 4-H, you’re invited to visit the Colorado 4-H site.


From policy documents and meeting schedules to FAQ’s and project lists, you’ll find all the 4-H resources you’ll need to learn about all that 4-H has to offer.


What is 4-H?

4-H is a national youth development organization for kids ages 5-18.  It teaches youth leadership, citizenship and life skills through club membership and project work in over 50 different project areas.  Kids ranging in age from 5-7 years old are considered Cloverbuds, which is 4-H’s non-competitive discovery program.  Kids ages 8-18 are enrolled as club members, with competitive activities.

How do we get involved in 4-H?

The first step is to join a 4-H Club.  In Broomfield, we have one 4-H club, the Red & Yellow Lions.  The next step is to pick a project.

How often are meetings?

The Red & Yellow Lions 4-H Club meets once per month in the fall and winter months, then goes to twice per month in the spring and summer months.

What is the cost?

Currently, club dues are $35 total.  (The breakdown is $15 State / $10 County / $10 Club).  This includes the manuals for ONE 4-H project.  Each project may also have additional fees for joining.  In addition, all the materials and equipment for each of the projects is the responsibility of the family.  Depending on the project chosen, these costs vary greatly.

What are the requirements for completing a project?

Once a project is chosen, the requirements for completing the project vary, but the similarities are that each member must remain a member in good standing by attending at least 50% of the club’s meetings, must complete a community service project, a demonstration, a record book and present their project for judging and exhibit.

Most projects have a manual with several activities.  These activities are the basis of the project work a 4-H member does throughout the year.  In addition, when preparing for the final exhibit, the requirements for the project can be found in the State Fair Exhibit Requirements document located on the Colorado 4-H website.  (Broomfield 4-H follows all state-level requirements for all projects.)

Who helps me?

With the exception of Archery, all projects in the Broomfield program are currently being led by the member’s parents.  4-H is a great family activity in which the parents learn right along with the kids!

What if I have more questions?

Please start by contacting the club at – or connect with one of the following individuals:

Kim Morrison
Broomfield County 4-H Agent

Elizabeth Butler
4-H Club Organizational Leader

Sarah DeVoss
4-H Club Organizational Leader