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The Cloverbuds 4-H program is a fun 4-H experience for younger participants with 4-H curriculum designed for their ages. The Cloverbuds program is available in Broomfield County.  Read on for more information about the Cloverbuds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cloverbuds

Who are Cloverbuds?

Cloverbuds are 4-H members aged 5 to 7 years old on December 31 of the current year.  You do not have to have older siblings in 4-H to participate.

What are Cloverbud member enrollment fees?

Cloverbuds member fees for the whole year are also $25.  The fee covers Colorado 4-H state enrollment fees, 4-H insurance, a donation to the Colorado 4-H Foundation, State office support fee and County Exhibit Day fees.

What is the purpose of Cloverbuds?

The goals of Cloverbuds are to build self-esteem through successful experiences and to become more creative.  Cloverbuds is a great way to get a taste of various 4-H projects.

When do Cloverbuds meet?

It depends on the club.  Some Cloverbuds meet during the regular 4-H meeting, some meet before, some have their own 4-H club.

What do Cloverbuds do at their meetings?

Again, it depends on the club.  Usually there is a short hands-on activity or lesson that explores an area of 4-H.  You might learn how to plant a small garden or fix a yummy treat!

Do Cloverbuds participate at Exhibit Day?

Yes, Cloverbuds are allowed to exhibit one item made during the year.  They receive a participation ribbon for the item.

Do Cloverbuds receive ribbons?

Yes, Cloverbuds receive participation ribbons at events.  Cloverbuds are non-competitive.

Does every 4-H club have Cloverbuds?

Unfortunately, no.  Please call the extension office at 720.887.2286 to find out which clubs closest to you offer Cloverbuds.

Does Broomfield County 4-H need Cloverbud leaders?

Yes!  If you enjoy working with 5-7 year olds, please consider being a Cloverbud leader.  It is truly a delight!