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The CSU Extension office in Broomfield City & County provides assistance and programs for citizens in the areas of Horticulture: Yard & Garden

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

We all know how important it is to keep our bodies hydrated, and the same is true for our lawns. How is your lawn holding up during this very hot, dry summer? Are you seeing brown spots or overall heat stress? These are signs that your irrigation system could use an audit and possibly a […]

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Cole Crops for Fall Harvest

Your summer harvest doesn’t have to be your last! Kohlrabi and other cole crops are just some of the plants you can start mid-summer for a fall harvest. Read more…

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May 2020 Xeric Plant: Ruby Voodoo Rose (Rosa ‘Ruby Voodoo’)

Ruby Voodoo Rose is a wonderful addition to a xeric garden providing intense fragrance with large multi-toned fuschia-pink double blossoms. It blooms first in late spring and then repeats moderately through the summer. Ruby Voodoo Rose was chosen as a Plant Select specimen due to its vigorous and attractive growth habit as well as its […]

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A Good Time to Garden!

Spring is here, and there’s never been a better time (or year) to get out in the yard!  Have a little extra time on your hands? Gardening is a great way to get outside, exercise, and rejuvenate your spirit. The dividends will come later, too! If you’re not sure where to start, the Colorado Master […]

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Hens and Chicks: Xeric Plant of the Month – April

There are many species and cultivars of Sempervivum, commonly called Hens and Chicks or Houseleeks. Because they are a hardy succulent, they have fleshy leaves in a rosette shape that vary in size, shape, color, and texture. Colors can be various shades of green, pink, and red; and some Sempervivum have cobwebbing on their leaves!

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Assess Trees this Spring for Emerald Ash Borer

With the spring season, trees are emerging from their winter dormancy period, and the Colorado Emerald Ash Borer Response Team is encouraging residents to check their trees for insects and other pests. Read this news release for spring tree tips and information on the emerald ash borer, including the repeal of EAB quarantine laws in […]

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Plant a Garden for Pollinators and You

Nancy Klasky, Broomfield’s Master Gardener Coordinator, wrote a great blog post on the benefits our gardens provide to pollinators and vice versa. As Nancy says, “We tend to think of flower gardens when we think of attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinators to our yards, but vegetable gardens also rely on having those native insects.” […]

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Dwarf Lavenders: Xeric Plant of the Month – March

Dwarf lavender plants are varieties of English Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia, that grow well in Colorado climates, even those with slightly poor, alkaline soils. Foliage is gray-green, and flowers range from dark purple to blue-purple to light purple. All varieties have aromatic scents and are well suited as hedges, borders, containers, or en masse for swaths […]

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Colorado Woody Plants App

One of the most common questions we get in our office is “what kind of shrub (or tree) is this?” Now, thanks to a group of Colorado State University faculty and Extension specialists, there’s an app for that! The new CO Woody Plants mobile app is available for free on iOS, Android, and Google Play. Read […]

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