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May 2020 Xeric Plant: Ruby Voodoo Rose (Rosa ‘Ruby Voodoo’)

'Ruby Voodoo' rose

Ruby Voodoo Rose is a wonderful addition to a xeric garden providing intense fragrance with large multi-toned fuschia-pink double blossoms. It blooms first in late spring and then repeats moderately through the summer.

Ruby Voodoo Rose was chosen as a Plant Select specimen due to its vigorous and attractive growth habit as well as its great disease resistance. It was propigated in 1998 by Denver native John A. Stanes and is becoming a rose garden staple.

Because it is grown on its root stock, it is safe to prune back moderately without any concern that the root stock would take over. Some winter watering will be important to prevent desiccation in dry periods. Deadheading will prolong the blooms through the summer. Ruby Voodoo Rose attracts bees, butterflies and moths; an excellent nectar source for pollinators.

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